Medical Recording Paper



Will I get the same number of tests per roll?

Yes. In most cases our products provide an increase in the number of tests per roll. This is particularly true for our thermal products because we use a core that has a smaller outside diameter.

If I order 50 rolls to get an additional 10% discount, must it be one model?

No. You can "mix and match" or combine models to achieve an order of 50.

What if the manufacturers rep says I must use their paper?

If that happens, the only purpose is to perpetuate high prices and besides... it's illegal. Please send that to us in writing and it won't happen again.

What if I can't find the paper I need on your lists?

Please call us anyway. The chances are good that we can accomodate your need if you give us some basic information about the instrument and/or the paper used.

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